Paul Ryan on Tax Reform: ‘We Are in a Generational Defining Moment for Our Country’

‘Passing this bill is the single biggest thing we can do to grow the economy and restore opportunity and help these middle income families who are struggling’


RYAN: “We are in a generational defining moment for our country. And what we are doing here, what we are doing here is not just determining the kind of tax code we are going to have. What we are doing here is determining the kind of country we are going to have. Right now, because of this anemic economic recovery, don’t forget we had the worst recession in our lifetimes in 2008 and ever since then, this economy has been flat. This economy has been way under its potential. This economy has been growing at a limp 1 to 2 percent. You know what that means for hardworking taxpayers? You know what that means for Americans? Nobody gets a wage increase. Living standards are stagnant. Economic anxiety is high. 78 percent of our workers in this country today are living paycheck to paycheck. Most Americans say that they don’t even have $500 in their bank account for an unexpected emergency or expense. This is the economic anxiety that's for real in this country today." 

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