CNN’s Zeleny: Trump’s Not Addressing Roy Moore Because He Doesn’t Want to Start a Conversation About His Accusers

‘He does not want to have a whole conversation about his past accusers’


ZELENY: "One thing I am told by people who have talked with the President as this day has unfolded here, this is the big conversation in the Republican circles here, one of the reasons the President is reluctant, I am told by people close to the White House, to weigh in on this, he’s reluctant because he do not want to have a whole conversation about his past accusers. Of course, he was accused during the presidential campaign of sexual misconduct on a variety levels and so many people have sued him for that. He has always said that simply did not happen. I am told by people familiar with his thinking that that’s one of his reasons to be reluctant to weigh in here. He believed some of his accusers were not exactly honest here and he’s giving Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt in some of the cases as well, not all of the cases, Brooke. I am told that’s one of the reasons he does not want to weigh in here. That does not mean, though, that he's not eager for other Republicans to do so."

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