Gowdy: ‘I Don’t Think the Threshold Has Been Met for a Appointment of Special Counsel’ to Investigate Clinton

‘You can investigate something without special counsel’


HEMMER: "What’s the takeaway from Jeff Sessions’ testimony yesterday?"
GOWDY: "I think there are a few things, Bill. Number one, it’s a really important, vitally important job with a large jurisdiction. So he got questions on everything from firearms to drugs, to Russia. Number two, on the issue of special counsel, I did not sign, Jim Jordan is a great friend and I have tremendous respect for him. I didn’t sign the letter because I don’t think the threshold has been met for the appointment of special counsel. And I think this is a really important point. You can investigate something without special counsel. In fact 99.9 percent of all investigations in this country are done by the women and men at the Department of Justice and the U.S. attorney’s offices and none of them is called special counsel. So there is a threshold that has to be met, and I don’t think it has been met. So to say we’re not going to appoint special counsel is not to say we aren’t going to look into something." 

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