Hannity: For Years We’ve Been Warning You About the Web of Corruption Committed By the Clinton Crime Family

‘She is at the center of everything, we will break it all down’

HANNITY: "Welcome to “Hannity,” we have a ton of breaking news to tell you about. If the attorney general Jeff Sessions testified on Capitol Hill earlier today. If you are Hillary Clinton and you were on the left side of the aisle, you should be very worried tonight. It is becoming very clear an investigation to the Clinton Foundation, uranium one and other issues are happening. Also tonight, we will explain hannity investigation. Into Hillary Clinton’s crooked web of corruption. Information you will not get anywhere else. We will connect the dots for you, we will tell you how all roads in the major democratic scandal lead back to one person, Hillary Clinton. She is at the center of everything, we will break it all down. We have a lot to get to, so let’s get started tonight. A very important breaking news opening monologue."

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