MSNBC: Trump Judicial Nominee Has Never Tried a Case, Wife Is Don McGahn’s Chief of Staff

He ‘received the rare not qualified rating from the American Bar Association’

BRZEZINSKI: "There is growing controversy surrounding a President Trump nominee to be a lifetime federal judge in Alabama. 36-year-old Brett Talley, who has received the rare 'not qualified' rating from the American Bar Association has never tried a case and has only been practicing law for three years. He’s also previously ran a political blog called 'Government in Exile' which has posts such as 'A call to arms: It’s time to join the NRA,' which was posted one month after Newtown, and once tweeted, 'Hillary rotten Clinton might be the best Trumpism yet.' And now Talley is facing fresh scrutiny after failing to disclose he’s married to White House lawyer Annie Donaldson, who is also White House Counsel Don McGahn’s chief of staff. Annie Donaldson has also been interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller. I mean, do we need more? Talley was approved last week by the Senate judiciary panel on a party line vote and now heads to the Senate for a confirmation vote."

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