Rove: The ‘Average Person Isn’t Going to Pay More Taxes’ Under GOP Plans

‘The average person isn’t going to pay more taxes even if they live in New York or California’


ROVE: "People in Tennessee, people in Florida, people in Great Plains states, every state does not have high taxes. In essence those taxpayers are paying extra money for the tax deduction. The question is, how bad are most people going to be affected by losing their ability to write off their state and local taxes? The fact is, doubling the standard deduction from $12,000 a family to $24,000 a family means that by and large most of those people in the middle class are not going to pay higher taxes. Sure, if you’re a gazillionaire with a gigantic house and living in New Jersey or New York, you’re going to pay more taxes. But the average American isn’t going to pay more taxes even if they live in high tax state like New York or New Jersey or California."

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