Huckabee: Brennan’s a ‘Tool’ and Trump’s ‘Not Afraid of Anybody’

‘This is a guy who talks straight to the face of anybody he wants to’


HUCKABEE: "No. That guy that just talked he is a tool. I mean, come on. Donald Trump is not afraid of anybody. Look at him. This is a guy who talks straight to the face of anybody he wants to and he's pretty clear about it. I think it’s absurd and it's one way in which the media has discredited themselves. Guys like that basically validate Donald Trump’s moniker for them as fake news. I think Trump has had wonderful trip. He's gone to these various countries, he shown his ability to negotiate with the world leaders in a way that we have not seen in decades. He's straightforward with them. We are renegotiating trade deals. I think his conversations with China will result in different kind of approach to North Korea. I don’t know what they are missing here, but, boy, they are missing a lot."

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