Granholm: Will Alabama Choose a Child Molester Just to Prevent a Dem from Taking the Seat?

‘Child molesters are evil — Democrats are even worse’

GRANHOLM: "Yes, I’m — this disturbs me, this whole thing about — I mean, it’s not just the media, but this whole utter tribalism that we have entered into. Yesterday, I actually retweeted and said, oh, my God, is this what we’re come to? A former aide to Rand Paul, but it was really, honestly, indicative of what we’re hearing out of Alabama, which is: “I would be fine with a child predator in the Senate, so long as it would keep the Democrats from stealing this seat. Child molesters are evil. Democrats are even worse.” I mean, are we really at the point where people in Alabama, because they don’t want to be perceived as bowing to the national media, are going to choose somebody who has been a child molester of a 14-year- old girl over somebody who has been a career prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat? I hope to God we are not in that place. But there was a recent Pew poll that said that over 40 percent of each party view the other party as an active threat to democracy."

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