David Brooks on Roy Moore Defenders: ‘Partisanship Has Become the Idol of Our Time’

‘It’s a sign of how partisanship has replaced everything else’

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ROSE: "How much do you think?"
BROOKS: "I think it had an effect. I think the fact that-- nobody was approving Bill Clinton and some of the things he was accused of doing by Kathleen Willey, but people were not saying, "We're drawing the line here." If you don't draw lines in these big cases, then you don't draw lines in the little cases in the workplace. Now we're seeing-- you know, we saw Republicans tolerating what Donald Trump was accused of doing. And today we're seeing this astounding case where Republicans in Alabama are tolerating what judge Roy Moore is accused of doing and use some of the lamest --"
ROSE: "With a teenager."
BROOKS: "Yes, making advances on a 14-year-old girl and some others. One of the defenses from one of the Republican officials down there was, "Well, Joseph was with Mary, and Mary was a teenager in the bible." It was like, "Are you kidding me? This is the argument you're using?" You know, it's so mind-boggling. And it's-- it's a sign of how partisanship has replaced everything else. Partisanship have kblind you to immorality, to the truth. Partisanship has become the idol, idol of our time."

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