Hannity on Roy Moore Allegations: Everyone Has the Right To Defend Their Name

‘Our goal on this show is always to find the truth’

MOORE: "Tonight before we explain the allegations judge Roy Moore and Louis C.K., I want to be crystal clear. I said this repeatedly on my radio show today. People on the left are trying to take it out of context when I speak about this for nearly two hours. Geraldo is a witness. If what people are accused of is true, it's beyond reprehensible. Beyond disgusting, beyond shameful. In the case of judge Moore, if it's true, he should step aside and leave the Senate race. Everyone would agree a 32-year-old man pursuing a 14-year-old girl is disgusting. That's something that we should all agree on. This should transcend politics. However, everyone has the right to defend their name. Our goal on this show is always to find the truth. Here's the allegations tonight. A woman is alleging to "The Washington Post" that back in 1979 when she was 14 years old, she had a sexual encounter. Actually two of them with Roy Moore. The woman alleged that Moore kissed her. In another occasion, that Moore touched her and guided her hand to touch him. She claimed no other sexual conduct took place. She described the incident to "The Washington Post" by stating "I wanted it over with, I wanted out. Just get this over with. Whatever it is, get it over." The woman said that she asked Moore to take her home which he did. Three other more are accusing him of sexual misconduct. The women are alleging that Moore pursued romantic relationships with them and one allegation involved kissing. Judge Moore tonight is adamantly denying the allegations against him. He told "The Washington Post" "These allegations are false and they are a desperate political attack by the national Democratic Party and "The Washington Post" on this campaign." 

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