Steve Cortes: ‘Chicago Is More Dangerous Because We Don’t Have Enough Good Guys with Guns’

‘Almost only the bad guys are the ones with guns’

CORTES: "Right. If anything, Ainsley, I would say Chicago is more dangerous because we don’t have enough good guys with guns as they had in Texas where that massacre could have been even worse if it weren’t for the intervention of a good guy with a gun. That doesn’t really exist here in Chicago. Almost only the bad guys are the ones with guns. My reaction as someone who loves this city lived who here is that Chicago unfortunately slay complete failure right now. And it’s a failure of blue policies. Whether it’s our failed educational system. Whether it’s the fiscal disaster that this city faces whether it’s the danger in our streets. This is the most dangerous city in the developed world. I don’t say that with any pride. But that’s just the reality. By the way, the death toll is grim and it’s awful. The shootings though are even worse. Chicago doctors have unfortunately become amazing at saving people. Shootings in the last four years in this city are up 66% despite some of the toughest gun laws in America. No, we don’t need even stricter gun laws. We need better policies for safety in this city."

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