Tom Fitton on Trump Dossier: The Mueller Investigation Is ‘Fruit of the Poison Tree and Needs To Be Shut Down’

‘I want to know when the FBI knew about the dossier and its origins’

FITTON: "It looks like a setup, especially since fusion gps was being paid by the DNC and the Hillary operation around the same time. And it’s either a scam or a setup. If it’s a setup, obviously, that’s a real major issue. But the scam is if fusion gps that alleged collusion with the Trump campaign when, in fact, they were working, it looks like, to pressure the campaign on behalf of the Russians. And this dossier that they’re all behind is, I think, in the end, the crux or the key to unraveling the whole Obama Administration for spying and leaking and criminal investigation. I want to know when the FBI knew about the dossier and its origins and what Mr. Mueller knows about the dossier and its origin. I think this whole investigation fruit to the poison tree and needs to be shut down."

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