Sykes to Paul Ryan and the GOP: ‘The Faustian Bargain Always Ends with Betrayal’

‘The story never ends well when you sell your soul’

WALLACE: "Charlie Sikes, why isn’t Paul Ryan, while he’s flexing and whatever he does in his px 90 thing this morning go, you know, on second thought, I’ve sold my soul but maybe I can get back some of my other organs by standing up to this president when he does things that repel — I mean there was a headline today about how trumpism and the manners in which Ed Gillespie phrased it, repel people in the suburbs. "
SYKES: "Here’s the message to Paul Ryan and the GOP. The faustian bargain always ends with betrayal. The story never inds well when you sell your soul. This is what is so sad and ought to be so frightening to Republicans because this morphing of Ed Gillespie, a decent mainstream guy into this bannon/trumpist troll, it mirrors what the Republican Party has been doing. A lot of story lines over the last year but one that is the most appalling is watching how the Republican Party has rolled over. First capitulated. Now is enabling. Now is modeling the behavior of Donald Trump. And what last night signaled was, if you keep going on this path, you will be annihilated. And not just at the top of the picket but all the way down and that’s got to give pause. Paul rye San not going to push back as long as tax reform is on the table. They’ve talked themselves into thinking that the thing that’s going to get them well now is a massive corporate tax cut that that somehow is going to solve the problem being created by embracing trump."

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