Trump: ‘When the Korean War Began, the Two Countries Were Approximately Equal in GDP Per Capita’

‘But by the 1990s, South Korea’s wealth had surpassed North Korea’s by ten times’

TRUMP: "The horror of life in north Korea is so complete, that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves. They would rather be slaves than live in North Korea. To attempt to flee is a crime punishable by death. One person who escaped remarked, when I think about it now, I was not a human being. I was more like an animal, only after leaving North Korea did I realize what life was supposed to be. And so on this peninsula, we have watched the results of a tragic experiment in a laboratory of history. It is a tale of one people, but two Koreas. One Korea in which the people took control of their lives and their country and chose a future of freedom and justice, of civilization, an incredible achievement, and another Korea where leaders imprison their people under the banner of tyranny, fascism. The result of this experiment are in, and they are totally conclusive. When the Korean war began in 1950, the two crazy were approximately equal in gdp per capita. But by the 1990s, South Korea's wealth had surpassed North Korea's by ten times and today the south's economy is over 40 times larger. So you started the same a short while ago, and now you're 40 times larger. You're doing something right."

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