Robinson: A Northam Loss in Va. Would Be a ‘Real Blow to the Democratic Party’

‘A real blow to the Democratic Party that expects and needs to win this race’


ROBINSON: “Well, a two or three-point win would be a win. Democrats would take that and I think I actually do believe the polls in Virginia, they're usually pretty good. I think that’s the most likely outcome, is that Democrats, that Northam does pull this out. You know, it could be five votes, but Democrats want to win, need a win. And if they get one, I think they’ll be happy. If they don’t get a win, it will be, you know, a real blow to the Democratic Party and there will be talk about what kind of candidate Northam was and how awful and negative the campaign was. And by the way, everybody in the Washington, D.C. TV market will be really glad that this race is over, because the television advertising has just been atrocious and ugly and you feel, you know, it’s like walking through a sewer. But a loss would be a blow, a real blow to the Democratic Party that expects and needs to win this race.”

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