Feinstein: I Have Not Seen Evidence that Russia Gave Hillary Dirt to Trump

‘No, I have not’ seen evidence of collusion

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TAPPER: Welcome back to STATE OF THE UNION. I'm Jake Tapper. 

After a week of major developments in the Russia investigation, CNN is now learning of a new meeting between a Trump campaign adviser and a top Russian official. 

Carter Page confirmed Friday behind closed doors that he met with the Russian deputy prime minister while in Moscow in July of last year. And he told CNN that that was the case. 

After his trip to Russia, Page sent an e-mail to at least one Trump campaign aide describing insights he had learned from his conversations, according to "The New York Times." 

In an interview on Friday, I asked Page about that trip. 


TAPPER: What did you tell people on the Trump team about your trip? 

CARTER PAGE, FORMER TRUMP FOREIGN POLICY ADVISER: I just mentioned that there was in general from people on the street and the things you would hear in the media enthusiasm for the possibility of a little bit of a warming in U.S.-Russia relations. 


TAPPER: Here to discuss is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein. She's also a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

Senator, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate it, as always.


TAPPER: So, we learned this week that former Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos traveled to London in March 2016. 

And then, in April, he met with a professor who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. 

Have you seen any evidence that this dirt, these e-mails were ever given to the Trump campaign? 

FEINSTEIN: Not so far. 

TAPPER: Not so far. 

Have you ever seen -- have you seen any communications that suggested that the Trump campaign wanted them to release them through a different means? Because, obviously, they were ultimately released by WikiLeaks. 

FEINSTEIN: No, I have not. 


Former Trump campaign adviser J.D. Gordon told CNN that, at a March 2016 meeting with then candidate Trump, the candidate listened to Papadopoulos when he presented the idea of arranging a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

But take a listen to what President Trump had to say about this on Friday. 


TRUMP: I don't remember much about that meeting. It was a very unimportant meeting. It took place a long time -- don't remember much about it. 


TAPPER: He says he doesn't remember much about it. Do you believe him? 

FEINSTEIN: Well, we saw the photograph of the table with President Trump at one head, Sessions at another, and Papadopoulos in the middle on the left. And that was reportedly to discuss Russia. 

I think we have got committees looking, both Intelligence and Judiciary. And these things are hard to ferret out exactly what went on, and people often don't give you the straight scoop in terms of their testimony. So, we will see how that turns out. 

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