Judge Napolitano: Uber Surveillance of Mosques Is Not Effective

‘These creeps know that the mosques are being surveilled’


VARNEY: "The terror attack in New York City. The alleged attacker's mosque has reportedly been under surveillance for years. Judge Napolitano is here. All right. You're a libertarian, what do you say about this? Give me the situation here." 
NAPOLITANO: "Yeah. We are getting mixed stories about this this morning; one is that it was under surveillance by the NYPD and they stopped it two years ago, another is that it is still under surveillance by the NYPD. A federal judge in Newark declared all NYPD surveillance outside of New York City unconstitutional, not the surveillance but the surveillance by the NYPD. They have no authority in New Jersey. Basically said if you need this information, get your colleagues in New Jersey to do the surveillance. That's one side of the issue. But speaking to intel people this morning, the other side of the issue is this, these creeps know that the mosques are being surveilled --"
VARNEY: "Yeah."
NAPOLITANO: "-- so the uber surveillance, lower case 'u' in uber of the of mosques really is -- is  just not an effective way of finding out what's going on in the community and who the bad guys are."
VARNEY: "But that was --" [crosstalk]
NAPOLITANO: "Every text message he sent and every cell phone call he made in the past five or six years is in the possession of the NSA. They didn't have time to go through it. They should have gone through it and given it to the NYPD. They would have typed this name in, they would have seen he rented the truck earlier today, he's on four or five of these lists lists, we better follow the truck."
NAPOLITANO: "Didn't happen."

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