Rachel Maddow Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Balkans and Baltics

Maddow’s mistake came during her “Debunktion Junction” segment

World's Smartest Maddow Doesn't Know Difference Between Balkans and Baltics (NewsBusters)

Another embarrassing mistake by Rachel Maddow. This time Rachel has revealed her unfamiliarity with some simple world geography. On her MSNBC show this evening, discussing President Obama's impending trip to one of the Baltic states--Estonia--Maddow told anecdotes of "the last time a US President visited the Balkans."  Whoops!

Maddow waxed on about how the last time an American president visited the "Balkans," it was George W., visiting Albania.  Rachel recounted the story of how W's wrist-watch disappeared when he waded into a crowd of Albanian well-wishers.  With malicious glee, Maddow mentioned that in honor of his visit, the Albanians erected a tall statue of W with a "teeny, teeny, teeny, tiny little head."  How tiny must a melon be not to contain the difference between the Balkans and the Baltics?

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