Trump: $6 Million Spent on ‘Fake News’ Dossier Is a ‘Disgrace’

‘It’s a total phony’

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TRUMP: “What I was amazed, it’s almost $6 million that they paid and it’s totally discredited, it’s a total phony. I call it fake news. It’s disgraceful.”
DOBBS: “I think her word that she likes to use that’s so serviceable about that dossier is ‘debunked.’ It’s been debunked.” 
TRUMP: “Recently she said, ‘Opposition research — opposition research is very standard.’ It is very interesting. She denied it, her own people denied it, everybody denied it and now they are scooting around trying to figure out what to say. So they spent, if you think of it, almost $6 million on something like that and I think — honestly, I just think it’s a disgrace.”

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