Varney: The Left’s Contempt, Hatred for Trump Has Reached a New Level

‘Maybe it’s because President Trump is on the verge of big win on taxes and the economy’

VARNEY: "Soon you will be seeing impeachment adds. The far left billionaire, Tom Steyer, has launched a 10 million-dollar campaign to remove President Trump from office. In all 50 states the ads will say, Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice and taken money from foreign governments. Steyer says if that is not the case for removing and impeaching a dangerous president, than what has our government become. A better question might be what has become of the Democrat party. Then we have Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who tweeted this: 'Niger, is Donald Trump's Benghazi.' Oh, that is a stretch. It seems the Left's contempt and frankly hatred for this president has now reached a new level. Why? And why now? Maybe it is because President Trump is on the verge after big win on taxes and the economy. He is getting very close. Remember the old line, it is the economy stupid? Yes it is. And the Left is very worried that a tax-cutting deal would grow the economy. They don't want the president to get credit for that. In desperation they go to extremes. He is a racist, a white supremacist, a liar."

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