CBS Analyst: Three Senate Seats Are ‘Gone’ for Democrats

‘Things are looking good for Republicans right now’

CBS Analyst: Three Senate Seats Are ‘Gone’ For Democrats (NewsBusters)

CBS News Political Director John Dickerson had some harsh words for Democrats as the 2014 midterm election kicks into high gear.

Appearing on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, September 2, Dickerson insisted that for the 2014 Senate races “there are three races in West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana that are gone. Those are basically going to go to the Republicans.”

The segment began with co-host Charlie Rose highlighting how “the latest CBS News poll shows just 36 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s foreign policy” before turning to the CBS News Political Director to dissect the upcoming elections. ABC and NBC’s morning newscasts not only ignored the dismal polling for President Obama but also failed to mention the upcoming 2014 midterm elections and the potential disaster awaiting Democrats at the polls. 

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