Trump: ‘I Think that Rand Paul Is Actually Going To Vote for the Tax Cuts’

‘I do believe we will have [a health care bill] long before the election in 18’

BARTIROMO: "It could be quite historic. I know this weekend is the 31st anniversary of when president Reagan instituted tax reform."
TRUMP: "On Sunday."
BARTIROMO: "That’s a big deal, on Sunday exactly. Do you think you have the votes?"
TRUMP: "I think we have the votes. I think that Rand Paul is actually going to vote for the tax cuts. I think that other people — you know, we had tremendous enthusiasm this time. Healthcare I was told was tougher, but it was close. I mean, so far I would say it’s not even a contest. I will tell you speaking of healthcare, I believe we’re going to get that also. It will be in the form of block grants to the different states, and it will be a wonderful healthcare. It will be a tremendous healthcare. Managed properly in smaller doses where you can really do it much more individually. So I think we’re going to get that also. And a little bit later probably in three or four months from now but I do believe we will have that long before the election in 18. As far as taxes are concerned you see what’s happening. It is really doing well. Great enthusiasm."

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