Sessions: Comey Made ‘Significant Errors’ in Clinton Investigation

‘I don’t think it’s been fully understood that the significance of the error that Mr. Comey made in the Clinton matter’


SESSIONS: "It is — it’s a matter that I can share some information about, because the president himself has talked about it and revealed already that letter. He asked that deputy Rosenstein and I make our recommendations in writing. We prepared those recommendations and submitted it to the president. Senator Feinstein, I don’t think it’s been fully understood the significance on the error that Mr. Comey made on the Clinton matter. For the first time I'm aware of in all of my experience and don’t think I’ve heard of any situation in which a major case in which the Department of Justice prosecutors were involved in an investigation, that the investigative agency announces the closure of the investigation. And then a few weeks before this happened, he was testifying on — before the Congress, Mr. Comey was, and he said he thought he did the right thing and would do it again. So the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who’s got, what, 27 years in the Department of Justice, Harvard graduate, served for eight years, as U.S. attorney on the under President Obama and four years under President Bush, he said that was a usurpation of the position of the Department of Justice, that attorney general's position. And that -- but particularly we've concerned that he reaffirmed that he would do it again. So I think that’s a basis that called for fresh start at the FBI. Mr. Comey had many talents, there’s no doubt about it, no hard feeling about that. But I am really excited about the new director, Chris Wray, who you’ve confirmed with an overwhelming vote and I believe he's going to be able to do the job of FBI director with great skill and integrity." 

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