Trump: ‘We Are Going To Bring Back Trillions of Dollars Currently Parked Overseas’

‘We’ll eliminate the penalty on bringing home future earnings’

TRUMP: "Finally, we are going to bring back trillions of dollars currently parked overseas. You look at the money that can’t come back into our country. I have been saying for years it’s 2.5 trillion dollars. Republicans want it back. Democrats want it back, and they have for a long time. But they have never been able to make a deal. We are putting that in our tax plan. I think it will be over $3 trillion, it could be substantially more than that. If I’m saying $2.5 trillion and I have been saying it for a long time. We now it’s a lot more now. I think it’s substantially over $3 trillion that will be brought back in our plan and put to work in our country, not some other country. Our framework provides a one-time low tax on profits currently sitting offshore so this money can come back right where it started, come back home to America where it belongs. And believe me, we can use it in this country. We need it so badly for so many things including infrastructure which we’ll also be doing. We’ll eliminate the penalty on bringing home future earnings."

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