Jen Rubin: Trump’s Renouncing His Oath of Office When He Attacks the 1st Amend.

‘I was horrified and I guess I’m getting used to being horrified with this administration’

RUBIN: "I was horrified and I guess I’m getting used to being horrified with this administration. But he took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and that includes the First Amendment. So, in his denunciation, who’s saying that this is disgusting that the press get to write everything that they want, he really is renouncing his oath of office.And I would say to Senator Sasse and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate in the House who have been lumps on a log, they should do something about this. They should conduct hearings. They should begin considering in the totality of all of his behavior whether he is in fact unfit to hold office. And they haven’t. They haven’t demanded any hearings. There is a raft of behavior that he’s engaged in that the Republicans have no interest in investigating whatsoever and they really are now in danger of not upholding their oaths."

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