Networks Blast Burger King for ‘Defecting’ to Canada to Pay Lower Taxes

‘Burger King has encouraged Americans to “have it your way”; today’s acquisition of Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons means they can now pay taxes their way’

Networks Fret Over Burger King 'Defecting' to Canada to Pay Lower Taxes (NewsBusters)

As news broke on Tuesday of Burger King buying Tim Hortons and moving its corporate headquarters to Canada, the broadcast networks quickly adopted the liberal talking point that the fast food chain was being unpatriotic by avoiding high U.S. tax rates. On Tuesday's ABC World News, anchor Diane Sawyer proclaimed: "Burger King, home of the Whopper, accused of doing something a lot of Americans question, defecting. Heading north of the border to Canada and saving a lot of tax money." 

On Wednesday's Today, correspondent John Yang touted "a whopper of a controversy" over the move and announced: "...just the idea of moving the headquarters to Canada has some once-loyal Burger King subjects ready to revolt....On Burger King's Facebook page, nearly 5,000 posts, most critical. 'You abandon the America that made you and we will abandon you.'"

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