Haass: This Is the Most Radical Foreign Policy We’ve Seen in the Post World War II Era

‘This is the most radical foreign policy we’ve seen in the post World War II era’


HAASS: "He’s not going to introduce new sanctions. We’re not getting out of the agreement. This is about the appearances. But it’s going to feed the narrative that the United States is no longer part of the international system. The United States no longer believes in international commitments. Whether it’s the Paris agreement, whether it's the Asia trade agreement, whether it's NAFTA, the United States increasingly has gone from the centerpiece of making the world work to now we’re the outsider, we're the outlier. This is a radical transformation. This is the biggest change in American foreign policy, and this is no exaggeration, since Harry Truman was president. This is the most radical foreign policy we have seen in the post-World War II era."

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