Fox News: AP Report Says Hotel Waited Until After Paddock Started Shooting Before Notifying Police

‘If police were not notified until after the shooting, that is a problem’

GALLAGHER: "Read, call police. 6 minutes went by before police were notified that a gunman was holed up on the 32nd floor, but mgm, which owns mandalay, is disputing police saying “Beat 9:59 time was dry from a mandalay bay report manually created after the fact without the benefit of information we now have. We are now confident that this time stated in the report is not accurate. MGM believes Stephen paddock began firing at concertgoers within 40 seconds after Jesus Campos reported that shots were fired and that police officers and mandalay bay security immediately responded to the 32nd floor. Now the lawyer for someone injured at the concert who has filed a lawsuit against mgm and others says if police were not notified until after the shooting, that is a problem. Watch."

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