Boy Scouts Exec Defends New Policy: ‘Scouting Has Served Girls for over 40 Years in a Variety of Programs’

‘Scouting has served girls for over 40 years in a variety of programs’


CAMEROTA: "... changings coming to the boy scouts. They're going to admit girls and eventually even allow them to earn Eagle Scout status. Joining me now is the Mike Surbaugh, he's the chief scout executive for Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Surbaugh, thanks so much for being here. This announcement caused a little confusion yesterday. You heard people saying how can girls be boy scouts?" 
SURBAUGH: "Well, good morning. It’s great to be with you. You know, scouting has served girls for over 40 years in a variety of programs. Traditionally cub scouting and boy scouting has been boys only, but we found a tremendous demand from parents to offer the program also to their daughters, and we provided a way that we can have boys and girls together in activities, but still maintain some of the single gender aspects of the program that's been very powerful in our history."

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