CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s ‘Relishing’ This Fight with the NFL

‘Only nine players were kneeling when President Trump brought it up and then we saw coordinated protests by many NFL players’


STELTER: " Only nine players were kneeling when President Trump brought this issue up a moth ago. Then we saw coordinated protests by many NFL players, really anti-Trump protests. Again, then it started to fade away as well, the NFL does not want this to be a big issue on the table. But Pence brought it up over the weekend. And President Trump now going after ESPN and Jemele Hill again, every time you see him criticizing either an athlete or in this case a prominent African-American host on ESPN. I think there is a racial component to the story, at least that’s how a lot of people perceive it. We've seen a lot of Hill's colleagues actually seting up for her, questioning the suspension and saying, why is it that -- that Jemele Hill violates the social media policy, whihc is true, she did --"
BOLDUAN: "Right."
STELTER: "-- why is it that the policy is so important to the ESPN but the leader of the free world is the most impulsive tweeter of all? It’s a little bit of strange situation."
BOLDUAN: "There is juxtaposition there. Let’s see what happens next. Because the president seems to not be wanting to give it up at all."
STELTER: "He is relishing these fights and Jemele Hill suspension gave him another chance to do this battle."

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