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Brad Blakeman: Democrats Were in Favor of the Wall Before They Were Against It
‘We have an interior immigration system that is broken’

BLAKEMAN: "It is, but not only a signature issue with the president, this is a signature issue of everybody that ran in 2016. It’s an issue up with Congress. It will be a test of the majority. Let me say this. Democrats have been in favor of the wall before they were against it. There is no doubt that we have the poorest southern border as well as the northern border, and we need protection. We have an interior immigration system that is broken. We do not know the people who come here who are staying here illegally, we do not have a handle on Visas like we showed, we do not have a merit-based immigration policy that makes sense, letting extended families in. We should be having people come to America that we need and want to. We should know the people that are here and their intentions. We should have secure borders, all of this is the 70-point plan that the president has suggested is negotiation. The start of immigration reform. We need it. If Democrats act in good faith, we will be able to get a bill."

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