Reverend Likens Michael Brown to Jesus Christ, Other Biblical Figures

‘Michael Brown died on August the 9th, Jesus Christ died between 6 and 9th hour’

REV. CHARLES EWING: "Yes, he had given his soul and life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the dream that his stepmother had confirmed and the prophetic word that he proclaimed. He said, ‘One day, the whole world will know my name.’ He spoke it prophetically. And I’m going to share with you briefly the account that have taken place regarding my nephew’s life. The Holy Spirit took me to Genesis, the Fourth Chapter, the Ninth and the Tenth verse. And this is the account of Cane and Abel.

"First of all, Michael Brown was the first born to Lesley McSpadden and Mike Brown Senior. First of all, Cane was the first born of Abel. Abel was the first Sheppard that was murdered. You get the picture now. The Holy Spirit begins to speak to me concerning Michael’s blood, his residue that was coming from the ground. I’m going to read to you Genesis Four, and the 9th and the 10th verse.

“And the Lord said unto Cain, ‘Where is Abel thy brother?’ And he said, ‘I know not. Am I my brother’s keeper?’ And he said, ‘What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood cried unto me from the ground.’ Michael Brown’s blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice. I looked up, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Look at the city of Ferguson and see what it meant.’ He took me to the definition of the city of Ferguson. Did you know that city of Ferguson mean a point of destiny? It means a point of object, it means a point of beginnings. That’s what the city of Ferguson means. It’s so ironic that it happened at that point, in that place, and at such a time.

Michael Brown was 18 years old. He was shot around noon. Our Lord and Savior, hung on the cross. Now, I’ve compared our time frame 12 o’clock noon to the Jewish time frame which is at the 6 hour. Michael Brown died on August the 9th. Jesus hung on the cross between the 6th and 9th hour. If you look at the demographics of St. Louis, Missouri, we are known for the gateway to the west. The Holy Spirit say, ‘Look at the twelve gates in Israel.’ The east gate that Jesus is going to walk through is shaped like an eye. He also took me and said, ‘Look at Interstate 70. The full length of Interstate 70 runs 2,153 miles from Maryland all the way until Utah. Jesus send 70 out, Israel went into captivity for 70 years. Cane is as Abel has mentioned in this passage 7 times. Cane is mentioned in this passage 14 times. Brother is mentioned in this passage 7 times. The question that Cane asked God because his sacrifice was non-acceptable because that is required before we come to him that our sacrifice is accepted before him. Cane asked God, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ This is a question we should ask one another."

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