Actress Rosie Perez: Trump’s Words Have Left Me Enraged, Crying

‘It’s just too much’

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BALDWIN: "How do you feel? Are you saddened? Are you enraged? What emotions are you -- have you been feeling the last nine days?" 
PEREZ: "All of the above. First, it was shock, and then it turned into dismay. And then it turned into tears, and then it turned into raging anger from the president's response. Even just today, earlier today, he still had the nerve to bring up the debt. It's just you don't kick people when they're down. And he goes, well, I don't know how we're going to repay. We have got to talk about the cost of rebuilding. How about we talk about the cost of just saving people's lives first, and then we can move on from there? And it's just been really, really terrible. And thank God the Jones Act has been waived. It needs to be repealed completely, but we will take the waive for now, because there are foreign ships, there are other countries that do want to help, that have been wanting to help. It's just -- it beyond angers me, Brooke. I go to sleep crying, I wake up angry."

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