Cory Gardner: We Can’t Fail on Health Care and Tax Reform

‘We can’t fail on health care and tax reform’


GARDNER: “Well, I think that’s a great question and I think the American people who around the country put a new majority in charge in 2014 in the Senate, they elected majority in the House of Representatives in 2010 for new Congress in 2011, they want results. And campaign over the past several years focused on replacing and repealing ObamaCare. That can still happen. We have more work to do, obviously, but we can’t fail on health care and tax reform. We have to provide results to the American people. Look, there are far too many people who, as I said earlier, haven’t received the kind of wage increase, wage growth that we know we can deliver in this country. They haven’t seen the kind of opportunities that we know we can deliver. And passing tax reform is absolutely critical to that.”

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