Van Hollen: ‘Premiums Are Going Up Because President Trump Has Worked to Sabotage the System’

‘We need to work in a bipartisan way to stabilize that’


VAN HOLLEN: “Well, let me first of all say and Senator Sanders agrees 100 percent, we need to make sure number one they don’t finish the job in trying to blow up the Affordable Care Act. Number two, we need to stabilize the current exchanges because premiums are going up because President Trump has worked to sabotage the system. So we do need to work in a bipartisan way to stabilize that. I am all for moving toward universal coverage. I salute Bernie Sanders for putting the idea on the table. There will be other ideas as to the best way forward, but we do need to make it a priority to not allow Republicans to try to open the door once again in the coming months to destroying the Affordable Care Act.”

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