MSNBC: Jimmy Kimmel Thanks McCain for His ‘No’ Vote on Graham-Cassidy, Calls Him a ‘Hero’

‘Jimmy Kimmel has found himself in the middle of this firestorm’


TUR: "The other person that's involved in this national debate is, of course, comedian Jimmy Kimmel. He has just tweeted thank you at Senator John McCain for being a hero again and again and now again. Jimmy Kimmel has found himself in the middle of this firestorm. He spoke about it initially about health care after his son was born, he had a problem with his heart, he needed emergency surgery. He made a plea for health care to be fixed with a conscience and he had Senator Cassidy on his show to talk about this. After that, the two of them have gotten into a war of words. Jimmy Kimmel saying that Senator Cassidy did not keep his word to protect those with pre-existing conditions. Cassidy and Graham firing back, saying that Jimmy Kimmel didn't understand the legislation and he was just listening to liberal talking points."

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