Kimmel Continues Health Care Fight: Haven’t Seen this Many People Against a Bill ‘Since Cosby’

‘I don’t know what the point of speaking to him is — we spoke, he told me one thing, he did another’

Kimmel Continues Health Care Fight: Haven’t Seen this Many People Against a Bill ‘Since Cosby’ (Mediaite)

For the third night in a row, late-night television host Jimmy Kimmelwent after Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and other Republicans supporting the Graham-Cassidy bill that will repeal and replace Obamacare.

Following his monologues where he claimed Cassidy lied to his face and took aim at his conservative critics, tonight the Jimmy Kimmel Live host addressed how President Donald Trump came to Cassidy’s defense amid Kimmel’s criticism of the Louisiana lawmaker. Noting that Trump tweeted out that Cassidy cares about people and “doesn’t lie,” Kimmel brought up his own Twitter response, pointing out that he hasn’t heard back yet.

As far as words for Cassidy, the late-night host explained that the Republican senator recently went on Fox & Friends and said that Kimmel didn’t understand the bill and that the two men haven’t spoken in a while. Kimmel stated that some folks have told him he should give Cassidy the benefit of the doubt, his response was that he doubts “all the benefits he claims are part of the health care bill.”

He went on to highlight all the medical organizations that are currently against the legislation, adding that “we haven’t seen this many people come out to speak against a bill since Cosby.”

Kimmel also laid into both Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) for their defenses of the bill and criticisms of him.

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