MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Upset that Obama Hasn’t Condemned Law Enforcement

‘I just wonder whether there should have been stronger words directed to the law enforcement officers that killed Michael Brown’

Alex Wagner’s MSNBC Guests Remind Her Obama Can’t Just Issue ‘Grand Shows’ of Police Condemnation (Mediaite)

Immediately after Barack Obama‘s press conference addressing the situation in Ferguson, Mo., Alex Wagner was outraged that he didn’t say anything stronger, angrier, passionate, emotional, etc., about the death of Michael Brown, especially compared to the “honesty and emotional tenor” of his Trayvon Martin remarks.

“He was reserved and very careful to be, I think, in some ways, protective of law enforcement in that press conference,” she argued, and later asked panelist and former panelist Josh DuBois:

I wonder if you think the president’s words were adequate, given the hurt and frustration — and the fact the majority of the comments were directed towards black men in the community, and not at all towards the police department that some say have had an unfair disproportionate and some ways perhaps unconstitutional response to this crisis.

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