Ian Bremmer Praises Trump Admin and Amb. Haley on Handling North Korea

‘Nikki Haley deserves credit’


BREMMER: "Now, I don't think that we would engage militarily, but the credible questioning of the Chinese and North Koreans, the strategy is we'll bring them to the table. And at least on the Security Council we've now seen 15 zero votes which means not just our allies but the Russians and the Chinese upping the ante and doing things that we've not seen under Obama, under Clinton, under Bush in terms of squeezing the North Koreans. Now, let's see if we -- they really execute on that and let's see how the North Koreans respond. Nikki Haley deserves credit in pushing the Chinese, cajoling, engaging and berating to get them around the table and moving. Now Kim Jong-un deserves more credit in ultimately insuring that, that's the reason that this is all coming together, but I think you have to say she's doing a pretty incredible job."

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