CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: ‘Do I Think Donald Trump Is a White Supremacist? Absolutely’

‘The Charlottesville example is an example of many that many of us have seen in regard to Donald Trump’

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LAMONT HILL: "There’s a critique of Donald Trump to be made with regard to racism. Do I think Donald Trump is racist? Absolutely. Do I think Donald Trump is a white supremacist? Absolutely. I don't think it's because of how he looks, it's because of the things that he does and the things that he does not do. That is a critique area and it has to be spaced between the private sector and the public sector for people to say it. You say it on the ESPN show, that might be inappropriate because it’s a sports talk show. But if you say it on Twitter and back it up, I say more power to you. We should defend her right to do it. Just like I defend your right to make the claims that you're making. Even though I think they are baseless, I still think you have the right to make them.”

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