Nicolle Wallace Destroys House Speaker for Cowering to Trump: ‘Why Can’t Paul Ryan Be a Man?!’

‘With his tail between his legs walk out and admit he was totally humiliated by the president that he’s taken guff from for seven months?!’

Nicolle Wallace Destroys House Speaker For Cowering to Trump: ‘Why Can’t Paul Ryan Be a Man?!’ (Mediaite)

Nicolle Wallace has had it with Republicans not standing up to President Donald Trump.

On Thursday’s edition of Deadline: White House, the former White House Communications Director in the George W. Bush administration went off on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for cowering to Trump following Wednesday’s debt limit deal with Democrats.

Wallace asked panelist Doug Holtz-Eakin of the Center-Right think tank American Action Forum how Ryan should handle this latest public affront from Trump. Holtz-Eakin began to say that he believes Ryan should handle it exactly as he did on Thursday. Wallace took umbrage with this sentiment.

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