Scarborough: Trump’s Deal with Dems Is ‘Horrible’ for the Conservative Movement

‘It’s very good for Donald Trump, it’s very good for Democrats’


SCARBOROUGH: "Donald Trump did yesterday we were been saying for two years he’d be most natural doing. He dealt with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer than Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. We said that before he stepped in the White House because it’s true. He contributed to Schumer and he understands Pelosi. We saw him strike a deal that’s very bad for conservatives and very bad for Republicans. It’s very good for Donald Trump, it’s very good for Democrats and I guaranteed you if you polled Americans, most would be glad they put off a debt krelg crisis for three months and he funded them again Harvey. Republicans are going to have to get the votes and understand what we said yesterday on this show, Donald Trump’s going to deal with Democrats and that’s exactly what he did."


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