Conway: Tax Reform ‘Should Get Done This Year’

‘But he is relying on Congress to act’


HEMMER: "In the interest of time, when you mentioned tax reform, will that get done or are so many other issues just overwhelming the issue of tax reform that was pushed all month of August?"
CONWAY: "It should get done this year. The president's ready, he's ready with pen in hand to sign a health care reform if -- if to say  Graham-Cassidy moves forward. A lot of governors are -- seemed to be supportive of that. People have been working on that very strongly over the recess. He's certainly ready to sign tax reform. You saw he met with the big six yesterday. He's this big four meeting today with respect to the leaders in both parties, in both chambers. And so this president as a disrupting force here in Washington as a successful businessman who's said his career is outside of politics is always ready and able, Bill, to do many things in short order." 

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