Conway: Trump Made Clear DACA Is Unconstitutional and that His Hand Was Forced by States

‘The president has made clear that he expects Congress to act’


CONWAY: "The suggestion is that he will revisit any type of issue that requires additional presidential action. But he made very clear yesterday through his attorney general and through his own statement from the White House, Bill, that the DACA program is unconstitutional and that his hand was forced in two ways. Number one, you have the state attorneys general who were filing action as of yesterday and -- and then he had his attorney general -- number two, he had his attorney general take a look at it; DoJ, DHS visited this program and they also looked at the words of President Obama himself who was said that the executive should not make an end run around Congress. Congress is the one that passes immigration laws here. And I think the most important thing to note is that this president has as DACA, it's one piece of a larger immigration reform plan. He's already taken action as has the House on sanctuary cities, on Kate's Law in memory of Kate Steinle who was gunned down by an illegal alien who had been deported many times and convicted of felonies multiple times." 

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