CNN’s Sellers Claims Obama Was ‘Eight Years Scandal-Free’

‘Well, I think, regardless of what Jack Kingston says or, you know, the talking points that many times we hear on Fox News, you know, the President was eight years scandal-free’

CNN’s Sellers Claims Obama Was ‘Eight Years Scandal-Free’ (NewsBusters)

On Monday's New Day show on CNN, during a discussion of the letter that Barack Obama gave to Donald Trump as the former President was leaving office, conservative CNN commentator Jack Kingston recalled several of the scandals of the Obama administration. Liberal CNN commentator Bakari Sellers claimed with a straight face that President Obama was "eight years scandal-free." He also took a shot at Fox News for covering Obama-era scandals, dismissing the coverage as "talking points."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is Grabien's attempt at cataloguing every Obama scandal/controversy/gaffe: 'The Complete Collection: Obama's Scandals, Gaffes, and Power-Grabs'

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