Roy Blunt: Trump Putting Everything on the Table Not a Bad Thing Right Now with North Korea

‘Sanctions without Russia and China interested on solving this problem don’t work very well’

TODD: "Welcome back. Even before Hurricane Harvey hit, President Trump in Congress had a pretty big to-do list for September, passing a budget, raising the debt limit, basically our credit card line, keeping the government open, deciding whether and how to pay for Mr. Trump’s border wall, and of course, getting tax reform started and the president claims he still wants to do health care. All that would have been hard enough if President Trump weren’t weakened by poll numbers in the 30s now and increasingly testy relationship with his own party. Joining me now to talk about what could get accomplished this month is Roy Blount of Missouri. Welcome back to “Meet the press”."
BLUNT: "Good to be with you, Chuck."
TODD: "Let me start with north Korea. It seems the conversation is the same and it used to be three months we have the North Korea conversation and unfortunately, we’re having it every three weeks. Sanctions aren’t working. These joint military exercises don’t seem to have an impact on him to wrap ratchet things back and he things to ratchet things up. What’s left in the diplomatic arsenal?"
BLUNT: "Well, for 20 years, the diplomacy by itself appears not to have worked very well. Sanctions without Russia and China interested on solving this problem don’t work very well. I think the president putting everything on the table is — is not a bad thing right now both for North Korea, but maybe more importantly for China to be thinking about how consequential this behavior is. The Intel committee serve on doesn’t disclose anything to say that in the last year this has been the number one topic month after month, what was happening there and what we were going to do about it and I hope the neighborhood understands how critical this is."

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