Brinkley: ‘Republicans Are Starting to Think Impeachment May Be Around the Corner’

‘You’re starting to get Republicans wanting to distance themselves from Trump’

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BURNETT: "Now, Doug, did he lie or is he actually walking the line of truth there because obviously he tried to do business with Russia, according to this reporting, but he failed and all he says here is he didn't do business with Russia."
BRINKLEY: "Well, what we now know is that Donald Trump's lawyer was seeking to get favors done for him from Putin. That's a big, big part of the puzzle. People are trying to construct over what is Donald Trump's obsession with Russia, his cover-up mode that he's been in for this entire year. You're starting to get Republicans wanting to distance themselves from Trump. You know, Vice President Pence did a very fine job on Texas radio today explaining the storm and a lot of Republicans are starting to think that perhaps impeachment may be around the corner. That this fall, the next few weeks with the showdown going in Congress, there's going to be a government shutdown and it's showing the shrinking of the Trump presidency and this is an important news revelation."

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