Houston Fire Dept: ‘It’s Still a Very Dangerous Situation out There’; Stay off the Roads

‘It’s still a very dangerous situation out there’


PENA: "Thank you, mayor. Good morning, everybody. So the Houston fire department today, in the last 24 hours, we've responded to 5500 calls for service, over 4,000 of those calls have been water-related incidents. The Houston fire department in cooperation with the police department and our -- and our partners in this effort have done over 290 water rescues in the last -- since midnight last night. So it’s -- it's still a very dangerous situation out there. It's -- we are expecting more rain. We are expecting to -- to really -- the demand for our services is going to increase. We still have pending calls that we are going to try to get to. We do have resources on scene now, state and federal resources. We have Texas task force one, we also have FEMA on board. We have 350 additional personnel and we are expecting another 350 in the next 24-48 hours, which will really assist our -- our -- our ability and change our -- our response profile to be able to meet the demand. We are asking the public, again, the roads are dangerous, stay out of the roads if you don’t need to be out driving around or walking around. It’s very difficult to assess the road conditions." 

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