Dean: Dems Have to Transfer Our Leadership to the Next Generation; We Need a Nominee Under 50

‘The Trump election, I think, was in a sense, their generation’s Edmund Pettus Bridge’


DEAN: "The other thing, I think Carolyn’s generation is fantastic, but they have to make their own way now. It’s our job to coach. It’s our job to lift up. I think the former president is trying to do that as are a lot of us. I’m hoping the next presidential candidate is under 50 or at least under 55 in our party. We have to transfer this over to the next generation. The Trump election, I think, was in a sense their generation’s Edmund Pettus Bridge or Kent State. Their principles have been violated as a whole generation, but they're going to have to fight through this by themselves. Obama can’t do it. He’s not the president anymore. You only have one president at a time. And I think if he gets into this big time, he makes it easier for Trump, not harder."

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