Huckabee: ‘A Republican Can’t Wait to Run in Front of a Camera and Trash the President’

‘Jeff Flake writing a book trying to poke at Donald Trump, he should have known that when you poke at Donald Trump, he is going to come back at you’


HUCKABEE: "Well I think Jeff Flake writing a book trying to, you know, poke at Donald Trump. He should have known that when you poke at Donald Trump, he is going to come back at you. I mean, my gosh, did -- did somebody miss the entire 2016 presidential race and not see the primary as well as the general election? But more importantly, here is something I -- I wish the senator would understand; if he's got a difference with the president, take it to him, but do it in private. What it seemed that Jeff Flake was interested in doing was selling a lot of books and by taking on Donald Trump every liberal show was just gushing over him for having done that. You know, the Democrats stick together, Leland. You -- you let one of the Democrats, you know, say something ridiculous and they circle the wagons behind that person, they never call them out. A Republican can’t wait to run in front of a camera and trash the president."

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